the view through my lens.

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You’re so pretty, and I love your blog!(:

"It’s one in the morning, and I’m feeling kind of inspirational, so here’s my solution to suicide: Anytime you feel like giving up, go online and order really cute shoes or new jeans or a really pretty dress. Then when you don’t feel like there’s anything worth living for, remember your order coming in the mail and promise to hold on just a little bit longer. When your package finally arrives and you’ve gotten a chance to completely think things through, put on your new stuff, look into your eyes in the mirror, and remind yourself that no matter what you’re wearing, you’re gorgeous both inside and out, and 100% worth everything wonderful in the world, especially life. The next time you feel terrible and worthless, just look at that gorgeous and beautiful thing that you bought, and try to wrap your mind around the incredible truth that you are a million times more perfect that anything you could ever buy anywhere. And never ever forget that. <3"